Life Changes Coaching

Are you going through a difficult life change?

It could be as simple as moving alone to a new country or city for work, or with your family or loved one. It could be losing your job, or being promoted, which sounds nice but often means new pressures on self and family. It could be the end of a relationship, or the desire to renew it, or make it work. It could be starting a family, or losing a loved one. It could be searching for professional or life purpose. Whatever the change is, if you are suffering, confused or stuck, I want to help…

What this course is about:

We all go through life changes yet often find ourselves ill-equipped to deal with them, lost for a while in between identities. Whatever the change is we all go through the same stages, starting with an ending, loss and grief and the passing of an old identity, an old way of living. We might fight or cry, but often the change carries on regardless. We find ourselves in a neutral space, perhaps confused or lost, sifting through possibilities, uncertain of where we are and where we want to go. Finally we sense a new beginning as we start to settle into a new identity or way of life.

At all of the stages we can need help to let go of the past, explore new possibilities or give our new beginning firm foundations.

This course, either through individual coaching or group work, does just that…

Combining elements of psychology, positive psychology, meditation and embodied practice, I will dedicate myself to seeing you through your transition.

Sebastien Martineau

Is this for me?

This course is not for everyone. Don’t apply to join this course unless:

  • You believe that positive change can be made through the body, using principles and exercises martial arts, yoga, theater and other body arts.
  • You are willing to explore practices like meditation, and commit to a regular practice.
  • You are looking for personal development rather than psychotherapy. This course is not psychotherapy but can complement it very well.
  • You are willing to commit to change and seeing it through.

How will I benefit:

  • Suffer less and adapt to your new life quicker.
  • Explore and activate your potential for a better life.
  • Bypass the urge to escape through alcohol, drugs, TV or whatever you do when you are hurting.
  • Connect deeply to your values and purpose.
  • Explore the foundations of your well-being and how to build on them.
  • Learn embodied tools for self-regulations, resilience and self-expression.
  • Connect to a supportive community of like-minded value-driven explorers.
  • Live a more fun and fulfilling life.



  • How life change and transition stages work in our psyche.
  • How to connect to and maintain your values and purpose.
  • The sources and habits that drive your well-being.
  • Embodied techniques for self-regulation, resilience and self-expression.
  • Practices and exercises you can return to, to self-direct your growth and well-being.


Course features

The course is based on three pillars, psychology, positive psychology and embodied practice (I include meditation in the latter). Whether in individual coaching or in a group, we will have in each session a meditation part, an embodied part and exercises from psychology or positive psychology.

The course comprises of 7 individual face-to-face or skype coaching sessions or 5 group work sessions in Prague. Additional coaching sessions can be booked if doing the group course.

The course is available in French or English.


Who I am and why I am offering this

I am a psychologist and Aikido teacher, half-French and half-English, living in Prague for 7 years, where I have been doing corporate personal development training work and teaching Aikido (I have 3rd Dan or black belt). I have an extensive academic and applied background in psychology and positive psychology and 14 years’ experience of teaching Aikido and supporting my students’ long-term personal development.

 I have been through many transitions, moving from France to UK as a teenager, being thrown out of Oxford University for not doing any work due to addiction problems with alcohol and drugs, becoming a full-time martial arts student then teacher, losing my livelihood and home during the 2009 recession, expatriating myself to the Czech Republic and rebuilding my life here, fighting depression as I was doing so.

All those were hard. Much harder was losing my father last year after a short battle with cancer, and going through six months of deep depression. It took all the tools and practices I had learned throughout my life, and seeking help in all the way I could find it to get back on my feet. That has made me want to do this course for others more than anything else.

I make no claim to being perfect, and despite teaching a “spiritual” martial art, I am not any kind of damn guru. I do feel I have a degree of hard-earned wisdom to offer. At the end of the day I’m just as human as you are. I have done a lot of personal development work however, and I have helped a lot of people with theirs. Anything I use or teach I have tested on myself first, and I believe it works, well because I haven’t committed suicide and my life is going well. I believe I can help people up to the level I have gotten to, if I am still working on it at the same level as you, perhaps we can help each other, and if it is beyond me I can refer you to people who will be able to help.

What I do promise is that I will give me all to see you through your transition. If it doesn’t work I will refund you, not that I want to, but because I want you to succeed and step into a more fulfilling life, and am prepare to commit to helping you.

Sebastien Martineau

What you commit to

  • 20 minutes of daily practice
  • Weekly sessions
  • Weekly exercises between sessions
  • Engaging with the community if doing group work. It helps. A lot.

 What to do now

Book a 30-minute meeting, online or offline. Maybe we don’t fit, in which case let’s not waste our time or money. If we do connect then we can agree on the type of course (individual or group) and a payment plan.

Book a introductory meeting now: