What do you offer?

I offer courses to support people achieve a personal or professional growth goal, or deal with a difficult life change, and either way to live a fuller and happier life.

So this is coaching?

Nope, not really. While there is an element of coaching throughout the course, it is more akin to mentoring in that we co-create the goal and path, and I guide you through a set of experiences and experiments that both allow you to explore living differently, and give you tools and practices to continue with after the course. As such it is a little more directive and guided than coaching. In a way it is closer to the form of teaching from martial arts (I am a 3rd Dan Aikido teacher as well as a psychologist) than simple coaching.

Do you offer executive coaching?

Yes, I do. Please consult our corporate training website, www.positiveleadership.biz, or contact me directly for more information.

How will I benefit?

Whether living through a difficult life change, or seeking to achive a personal or professional development goal, I commit to not only seeing you through to success and also to give you the tools and practices you need to self-direct and sustain your development after the course.

And who are you?

I am a psychologist and Aikido teacher, half-French and half-English, living in Prague for 7 years, where I have been doing corporate personal development training work and teaching Aikido (I have 3rd Dan or black belt). I have an extensive academic and applied background in psychology and positive psychology and 14 years’ experience of working in business (leadership, professional and organisational development) and teaching Aikido and supporting my students’ long-term personal development.

Following studies at Oxford and the University of Kent, I pursued a 7 year career as a manager at the UK Defence Logisitics Organisation, in charge of defence-critical equipment from manufacturer to front-line, while also studying Aikido full-time.

For over 14 years I have been a corporate trainer, working in major leadership and organisational development programs for companies such as Microsoft, Vodafone, Merck, BNP Paribas, Olympus, Astra Zenica, Gefco, Ikea and for governmental organisations such as UK educational authorities and the European Parliament. Following an Executive MA in Positive Leadership and Strategy at IE Business School in 2014, I am among the foremost expert practitioners in the application of Positive Psychology and Positive Leadership to personal and organisational growth and development in the CEE region.

I am the founder of Positive Leadership Development training company. Today, I offer coaching and facilitation services to companies and decision-makers, aimed at empowering exceptional performance in individuals and teams, as well as consulting services on establishing positive enabling cultures in the workplace and in company leadership teams. I also offer course to individuals, supporting personal and professional growth or dealing with difficult life changes.

I look forward to working with you and supporting your success.

Sebastien Martineau